International Oil (Russia, Brazil, Australia)

These countries have cheap stock markets (i.e. low average PE ratio) and plentiful natural resources:

  • Russia (RBL, RSX, CEE)
  • Brazil (EWZ, LAQ)
  • Australia (EWA, KROO)

CEE and LAQ are closed-end funds (CEF) that invest in Eastern Europe and Latin America, with high concentrations in Russia and Brazil. However, neither CEF is trading at a juicy discount at the moment. KROO has a higher weighting in natural resource companies than EWA; the latter is overweighted in banks, bad because Australia’s housing market looks bubbly.

Fund managers like Russia and Brazil:

According to the latest UBS survey of top fund managers, 48% say Brazil will deliver the best performance in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East or Africa next year — but 33% are going with the emerging consensus and saying they think Russia will win the prize.

However, OPEC seems to be of the opinion that the current $90 oil price is overpriced, and the fair-value range is $70-$80. See the Bloomberg story: OPEC Dismisses $90 Oil Price as ‘Blip,’ Maintains Output Quotas

Source for international PE ratios is the Financial Times. Peru and Canada are resource-based economies that look overpriced.

Disclosure: I own EWZ.

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